Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Little Different Direction

I'm going to go a little off kilter with with post this week. I recently accepted a job doing sales for a company that sells Industrial HVAC. Never in a million years did I see my self selling HVAC equipment. I couldn't tell you the first thing about it to be honest but that is not the point behind this blog. The point behind this blog is that life takes funny turns and you really never know where it is going. I sat here at Plymouth State for the past year and a half setting myself up to work in the high-tech industry. I had had interviews with the companies I thought I wanted to work for I was networking with professionals who had the ability to get me more interviews. I even received job offers from the kind of companies I wanted, but I didn't take them. Something was off.

Instead I take a job from a guy that I met on the Gondola at Loon and hit it off. It wasn't about what product I was selling it was more about the feeling I got from the office, the ability to not be a number in a list of other entry level sales people. It is just funny that I never even considered this industry and yet here I am accepting a job and trying to learn as much as I can before I start.

To stick to the theme of the blog here is my advice:

Have an open mind when searching for a job. you never know what opportunity may come up in front of you and can not just shrug it off because it isn't in the industry you want. Listen to them, and hear out the company. I went into my interview with the HVAC company as a practice interview to get me ready for the "interviews I thought I wanted" and it ended up being the best offer and the best opportunity for me. so keep an open mind and you never know what may happen.

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